How to Give your Dog Medication

Giving a dog its medication in the form of a pill is usually not an easy thing to do. They are intelligent enough to detect when you are about to do something like that. But we are smarter than them, so we can figure out a few ways to get them to swallow their pills. Learn more here

There is the hard way of training them. This is hard because it involves a lot of work to get them to respond to a specific command without flinching. This then confuses them when you associate the words with something else. Another hard method involves forcing it to eat the pill. This might not go well for you, or for the dog. It can turn aggressive and injure you grievously.

You can trick the dog. Using food, you can get it hungry then introduce the medication in the food and give it. As it is eating, the pills shall be swallowed as well. Caution must be practiced, however, as you need to ask the vets if the pills are safe to mix with the pet food. You also have to watch out for dogs that can separate their food from medication. Another form of trickery is a reward system. You can make the pill look good in front of the do, then get them to perform a trick or obey a command, and reward them with the pill. This is also not the most effective method since its success rate is low.

The easiest way of all of these is to disguise the pills. In case the dog is smart to see through all the other methods, you can use dog pill pockets to make them look like wonderful treats the dog will desire to have. You will find a wide variety in the market, which make medicating the dog a much easier task to perform.

You can use these dog pill pockets in conjunction with other methods to keep the dog confused as it finishes its full dosage of the drugs the vet had administered. You can also switch between different flavors and types of these pill pockets to make sure the dog does not catch up in this disguise. Always let your vet know which ones you are using so that they can tell you of their safety and effectiveness.

The best determinant, however, remains your pet. You need to be observant, to see which treats work best for your pet, and how often they shall respond positively to them. No one likes to take medication. The same holds true for your beloved pets. By using these methods, you shall manage to get a sick one feeling better.